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Of fathers and mothers, of sons and daughters

Get a father. Put a big heart in it, a diagnosis that weighs even just hearing about it, the voices and the alcohol. Add up a grief, then another loss, then one, two breakups, an escape and surrender. Add a son, then another and another. Put in it a woman who loses love, but who doesn't give up and doesn't step aside. Then put the fragmentation into it: people dispersing. A group that is disintegrating, a core that goes away.

children, Mental health, Genitori, Homeless, stigma

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Let's talk about motherhood in a sincere way: making the invisible visible

The goal of this article is to help demythologize the mother figure, to promote thinking based on real data and experiences of parents of our time, and to help those who can feel alone in the uniqueness of their experience, to understand that difficulties related to the period perinatal they are more common than you might think.

parenthood, maternity, perinatality, matrescence

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Adolescents and the Pandemic: A Psychodynamic Perspective

More than a year after the outbreak of the pandemic from Covid-19, girls and boys between the ages of 11 and 25 bear the marks of an experience that has left them confused, scared and even very angry. What does it mean to be teens during a pandemic world? And what challenges did the unconscious of the younger ones have to face?

adolescence, family, pandemic, Psychological Wellbeing, malaise

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