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Some of the people who participated in the establishment of PsyPlus Onlus had already experienced the tragedy of the emergency professionally or personally. Several of us have matured their interest in the subject having known closely the catastrophe of the earthquake in L'Aquila and its surroundings, in 2009. The event that instead marked the start of our operations in the field of emergency psychology is Instead, it was the earthquake that hit a large part of Central Italy in August 2016. Since then, knowing how to stay in an emergency and knowing how to operate effectively to contain its traumatic impact, has become an important part of our mission.

Network work

Psychosocial emergencies

Since 2020 PsyPlus is part of the Esprì Network, which brings together many of the most active professionals in the psychology of the Italian emergency.

With colleagues from Network expressed PsyPlus has taken steps to offer support to the Albanian population hit by the earthquake in the Durres area.

Here are some links to more detailed information on this experience in which the partners Giuseppe Scurci and Patrizia Perrone have engaged.

Ukraine emergency

we select voluntary and professional staff:

from August 2016 to February 2022 PsyPlus operated in the area of seismic crater 2016, collaborating with InterSos, ActionAid Italy, Lazio region, Marche region, Civil protection, CAV L'Aquila, Mountain Community of Velino, City of Accumoli, NHS, and by making psychological support services, psycho-pedagogical counseling, listening services in mobile units, community empowerment actions, expressive workshops dedicated to children available, training opportunities, gender violence prevention actions and intra-family.

Psy + in Accumoli with Intersos for the victims of the earthquake

From Thursday 25 August Psy + Onlus was present in the field set up by the Civil Protection in Accumoli to offer psychological support to the victims of the earthquake and to the rescuers. Among the services offered, in addition to individual, family and group interventions, Intersos and Psy + have activated a child friendly space and a library available to all. The first community empowerment interventions were also activated, aimed at rebuilding the networks of relationships and enhancing local resilience resources. Fully integrated into the network of services to victims coordinated by the Civil Protection, the work of the professionals of Psy + and Intersos has made it possible to offer support to the numerous families who have lost property and loved ones and who are experiencing dramatic days, in which the memory of the earthquake is relentlessly recalled by the succession of aftershocks.

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since 2011 we have been committed to the dissemination of psychological well-being as a right of every person

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