Psychological Support Service in Borgo di Arquata

Since 25 August 2016 we have been present with listening, orientation and psychological support services in the areas affected by the Central Italy Earthquake.

From the early days, in the tents, in Accumoli, to the psychological counter in Arquata del Tronto, today.

We have collaborated with local and regional institutions and with the national health system in order to guarantee effective responses to the needs of the populations who have experienced and are experiencing the devastating effects of the catastrophe and uprooting on their skin.

Unfortunately, the earthquake and its consequences are still being felt: the people and communities affected, who still struggle today to be able to return to their homes and to start living again, need your help, our help.

To support Psyplus psychosocial services in the area, you can make a small donation and, if you wish, we will periodically inform you about the use of the funds raised!

The Psychological Support Service at the Borgo di Arquata medical clinic is proposed by PsyPlus ETS in collaboration with ASUR Brands AV5

for information or reservations call the number:


the psychotherapist psychologist in charge will be able to welcome you and guide you regarding the services available, the methods of access and in relation to the other possibilities of intervention that our association makes available to you.

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Chronicity and assistance: innovation and interdisciplinary dialogue

Silver Care Psy Conference

The conference organized by the Comunità Montana del Velino on the theme of assistance in internal areas was held on 27 September in Amatrice and 28 in Antrodoco, with a focus on the strategic role of teleassistance and telemedicine in chronic situations. 

On this occasion, the innovative project was presented "Silver Care”, Promoted by the Comunità Montana del Velino for the monitoring of people over 70, which provides for the use of domestic sensors to measure the main physical parameters in order to prevent critical situations.

Dr. Pierpaolo Nastasia, on the occasion of the round table held in Antrodoco at the S. Agostino theater, reported on the topic of strategies of psychological-clinical intervention in emergency and post-emergency situations, reaffirming the commitment of Psy + Onlus to work in a network with all local institutions - municipalities, Local Health Authority, Comunità Montana del Velino (project leader) - and with third sector entities active in the area in order to promote a coordinated and targeted path of assistance and support.

Link to the event program: Conference program


Almost two years after the earthquake which hit central Italy, Psy + Onlus e InterSos, With the collaboration of Pomerium Onlus, they made a video documentary to recount how the food and wine tradition has helped to restore hope to people.

The work was carried out with the participation of local companies "La Vecchia Ruota Grisciano", "Salumificio SA.NO" and "Cooperativa Rinascita 78". Soundtrack by Alessandro Romano.

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This "is not wasted breath"!


The music festival will be held in Accumoli (RI) on 29 and 30 June 2019 "There is no wasted breath". The event will take place in the heart of the Monti della Laga, a landscape denoted by an extraordinary scenic beauty as well as by a truly unique variety of ecosystems.

The territory, hit by the earthquake of central Italy in 2016, through the work of the Accumoli band, ambassador of rebirth, has been represented throughout Italy with more than 50 concerts between 2016 and 2018.

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Recanati: a day dedicated to the "Terre di Centro"

Recanati conference Terre di centro minOn the morning of Saturday 15 September, in the Aula Magna of the Palazzo Comunale of Recanati (MC), on the occasion of the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding approved by the Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga Park and Monti Sibillini Park Authorities, the conference was held "The magnificent central lands - Saving memory between destruction and rebirth".

In the afternoon, a round table was held at the Convent of the Capuchin Friars on the theme "Sustainable development and cultural heritage, opportunities and good practices in comparison".

Psy + Onlus has accepted the association's invitation Laga Together Onlus to participate in this busy day.

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Central Italy earthquake - since August 2016, psychological support and community empowerment

Sonya Lalla Photography 3

On the night of August 24th, 2016, after a series of seismic events in the provinces of Rieti, Ascoli Piceno and Perugia, a 6.0 magnitude shock with epicenter in the municipality of Accumoli caused 299 deaths and 388 injured. 
From August 25th, 2016 Psy + Onlus was present in the field set up ad Accumulate, making himself available, together with INTERSOS to ensure professional interventions in support of people who have suffered the earthquake, as well as their rescuers, through the constant presence of 2-4 volunteers in the Accumoli camp and the activation of a traveling team in charge of visiting the most isolated hamlets.

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Psy + becomes part of the ESPRì Network

After 3 years of intervention in Central Italy devastated by the 2016/2017 earthquake, PsyPlus Onlus strengthens its commitment in Emergency Psychology adhering to Esprì - Social Psychological Emergencies Research Intervention, an association of exchange, collaboration and coordination of expert bodies in Emergency Psychology, in Italy and abroad. The network currently has 8 organizations and 240 experts and emergency operators.

We collaborate to achieve in a coordinated way, targeted aid, in the exclusive interest of the subjects and populations and respecting their self-determination in social, cultural and psychological terms.

For information and registration: 
ESPRI '- Who we are
Facebook page Esprì

Earthquake 2016: two years later

2 years earthquake memorial
Two years ago a strong earthquake struck central Italy. On the night of August 24, our psychologists were present in Amatrice for the memorial ceremony for the victims.
Under the awning set up in the square, where the hotel-school stood, we proceeded with the reading of some stories related to the earthquake. 
At the end, a torchlight procession headed towards the church of Sant'Agostino, in front of which the names of all the Amatriciane victims of the earthquake were read. At 3.36 h the tolling of the bells, one for each deceased. Silence.
Afterwards, the torchlight procession towards the Don Minozzi park ended with a few minutes of meditation in front of the memorial monument. After a few sentences from the bishop, the procession silently dispersed.
In Accumoli, the commemoration took place at 17:00 pm the following afternoon. 
About 200 people gathered in the main square, including citizens, the Alpine group and representatives of the various local and national institutions. The function, also carried out in this case by the bishop, was interspersed with the songs of the parish choir. The community quietly gathered for the whole ceremony until its conclusion.

We express our heartfelt closeness to the entire population and to all the people known in these two years of intervention in the area. The psychologists of Psy + Onlus they are still active on the spot and will continue to be present to offer psychological support to the population.

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