The 5x1000 is a portion of the taxes that the state "renounces" to direct it for social purposes.

With your 5x1000 you can help others, at no cost

Also this year you can allocate 5 per thousand of personal income tax to support non-profit organizations.


    1. Fill in the form on model 730 or Income (ex Unico);
    2. Signature in the box "Volunteer support ..." (in the pre-filled declaration it is "Support of non-profit organizations of social utility");
    3. Write the PsyPlus ETS tax code: 97662640586
    1. Fill in the form provided together with the Single Certificate by your employer or pension provider by signing in the box "Volunteer support ..." and writing the PsyPlus ETS tax code: 97662640586;
    2. Insert the card in a sealed envelope;
    3. Write on the envelope "DESTINATION CINQUE PER MILLE IRPEF", your surname, name and fiscal code;
    4. Deliver it to Poste Italiane (who will collect it for free) or to a qualified intermediary (CAF, accountants ...).


You can offer a small one-off or recurring donation and thus guarantee continuity to the beneficiaries of our projects.

Psy + is an ETS (Third Sector Entity)

Since 2011 we have been designing and implementing psychosocial services in collaboration with public and third sector bodies. Without your help we would never have been able to offer qualified psycho-pedagogical advice in schools in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, nor would we have been able to guarantee our support for more than three years to the populations affected by the earthquake in central Italy.

Your help is important !

Tax breaks for donations

Donations to Third Sector Entities are deductible or deductible! >>>

  • Ref .: art. 83 Legislative Decree 117/2017, first paragraph

    Donations of an amount not exceeding € 30.000 in favor of Third Sector Entities allow for deductions of the gross tax equal to 30% of the donation made.

  • Ref .: art. 83 Legislative Decree 117/2017, second paragraph

    Donations in cash or in kind provided by individuals in favor of Third Sector Entities are deductible up to 10% of the total taxable income. The excess part can be deducted in subsequent years no later than the fourth.

NB: Donations are fiscally deductible or deductible within the limits of the law, provided that they are made by wire transfers, payments in the postal current account, checks with a "non-transferable" clause, credit cards or prepaid cards.

How we use your donations

  • With your help we consolidate the offer of psychological services for pupils, families and teaching staff with qualified interventions, aimed at containing inconveniences and promoting the improvement of teaching. We develop actions aimed at containing abuse, bullying and early school leaving. These actions are co-designed with the teaching staff and school management on the basis of context analysis techniques.

  • By orienting your 5x1000 to PsyPlus you will allow the continuation of psychological support and community empowerment interventions, carried out by our psychologists for the benefit of the populations affected by the earthquake.

  • Thanks to your 5x1000 we can continue to guarantee access to psychotherapy, counseling and psychological support paths to people and families in socio-economic difficulties who cannot afford psychological services at full prices. PsyPlus coordinates and supervises the activities of the "Psychological Clinical Counseling Center"Maintaining a role of catalyst, guarantor of the quality and professionalism that the work group expresses. By offering services at subsidized prices, the participating therapists share with PsyPlus the goal of supporting psychological well-being for each person.

  • Promote and encourage interventions in the territory to prevent and treat addictions from:
    - Gamble
    - Substances
    - Internet
    - Sex and affective.

  • With your help, PsyPlus can deploy experienced professionals in emergency psychology to support people involved in traumatic experiences and their rescuers. 

  • To protect women and minors, PsyPlus has launched projects to raise awareness, prevention and emergence of the phenomenon of gender-based and intra-family violence (Do.NNE project). Help us with a little support too!

With your voluntary commitment you can give great help to PsyPlus and to the people who need it

Every day we are faced with a shortage of resources for the realization of our projects. In many cases, being able to count on the availability of someone who generously offers a few hours of his time to support our operations has been and will continue to be fundamental.

We are in principle (and in fact) opposed to the exploitation of voluntary work. But each of us is willing to give something more, to commit even when there is no financing in sight. Thanks to this, after all these years, we are still here, motivated by the acknowledgments we receive from our beneficiaries and the partners we work with.

If you like the idea, let's start here: by clicking on the image on the left you can enter your data, and receive an invitation to meet us personally, in Rome, in Via Gaeta 19.

Because psychological well-being is a right for every person!

With your help, every day

we translate knowledge of psychology into effective projects

for the psychological well-being of each person

since 2011 we have been committed to the dissemination of psychological well-being as a right of every person

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