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The Clinical Consulting Center supervised by Psy + Onlus was created with the aim of offering professional services in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry, at low cost. After an analysis of the contexts of prevention and promotion of psychological well-being in the area, we considered it useful and necessary to set up a multidisciplinary team of professionals with previous experience in the public and private sectors in order to offer specialist consultancy at low costs for anyone who needs it.

To date, the request for access to psychological "cures" is only partially satisfied due to the limited resources available to local services. The offer of the private sector on the other hand, although rich and varied, is not economically affordable for everyone. The mission of the Clinical Psychological Counseling Center is therefore to offer a supportive service, capable of guaranteeing highly professional services at reduced rates.
Access to the service is by reservation, by calling the toll-free number 800.91.04.89

In addition to psychological support and psychotherapy services, the clinical center offers the possibility of using professionals in the field of:
  • psychodiagnostics (Assessment of attitudes, resources, personalities and pathological manifestations)
  • expert psychology (Partial and Office Technical Consultancy)
  • psychiatry (Medical-psychological evaluation, monitoring of health conditions, drug therapies)
The team of the Clinical Psychological Counseling Center is made up of therapists who come from different training courses and who have gained significant experience in heterogeneous areas of the subject. Psy + Onlus performs a team supervision function, promoting the implementation of good practices and the integration of the various approaches, also through experiences of continuous training of the therapists.


  • Marika Nuti

    Marika Nuti

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher.
    He graduated in clinical and community psychology at the University of Florence, specializes in Gestalt psychotherapy with an existential phenomenological address at the Gestal Institute in Florence and ends the course for Mindfulness teacher at the CFM, Center for Mindfulness in medicine, health care, and society, Medical school University of Mass. He works by offering individual psychotherapy services to adults and minors, organizes workshops and mindfulness groups for stress reduction through the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program.
  • Pierpaolo Nastasia

    Pierpaolo Nastasia

    Psychologist, Psychotherapist specialized in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Vice-president of Psy + Onlus.
    He has collaborated as a specialist with the TSMREE Asl Roma B (Protection of Mental Health and Rehabilitation of the Evolutionary Age). On 11-12-2015 he held, as a speaker, the seminar on the topic: "Alexithymia and emotional regulation" at the IREP office, via Piave 7, Rome.
  • Michela Corrias

    Michela Corrias

    Psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. Coordinator of the Psy + Onlus Communication Area.
    He graduated in Community Psychology with honors from the University of Padua. In 2014, in the same university, he obtained a 2nd level Master in Clinical Neuropsychology. He specializes in honored psychotherapy at the "AT Beck Institute" in Rome.
    From 2009 to 2011 he carried out clinical and research activities at the Veneto Oncological Institute (IOV) of Padua, in the context of psychoncology. From 2012 to 2015 he carried out clinical and research activities at the "Sleep and Rhythms in Medicine" clinic of the Padua Hospital within a project financed by the Ministry of Health, for the study of sleep disorders in patients with internal pathologies. In 2014 he carried out a research period at the University of Surrey (UK), in one of the most important study centers on sleep and circadian rhythms. From 2012 to 2015 he attended the Clinic for Cognitive Disorders of Medical Clinic 5 (Department of Medicine - University of Padua), for the neuropsychological evaluation of the internist patient. From 2015 to 2017 he collaborated with the AT Beck Institute for the cognitive-behavioral treatment of insomnia. For 3 years she carried out counseling and psychological support at the Family Consultancy of the ASL Roma 2 Company, also dealing with group meetings of the accompanying courses at birth. Since 2016 he has collaborated with the ASSIREM association for the study, prevention and treatment of sleep disorders and is part of the Sonnorem team, Center for Sleep Medicine. In 2016, it obtained international certification for the practice of EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).
    He collaborates with the IPAB Asilo Savoia in Rome for the "Game-Over" project aimed at preventing gambling in schools. Within Psy +, he worked for the intervention project for the population affected by the earthquake in central Italy; he is part of the team of therapists of the Clinical Psychological Counseling Center and of the area of ​​school psychology services. It is part of the Save the Children "Fuoriclasse" program for schools in Aprilia, against early school leaving.
  • Giuseppe Tolve

    Giuseppe Tolve

    Psychologist, Psychotherapist, founding partner and Treasurer Psy + Onlus.
    He graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome (March 2010). He carried out part of his specialist training at the "Rénè Descartes" University - Paris V (2006/2007) and at the University of Belgrade (2008/2009).
    In Serbia he conducted research in the field of de-institutionalization and social inclusion of disabled people. Author of scientific publications on the subject, he spoke as a speaker at national and international conferences. He carried out psychological-clinical consultancy activities at the TSRMEE ASL RM-B (Rome) from 2011 to 2015. He received his specialization diploma from the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP), (June 2016).
    Currently engaged with Psy + Onlus in the following areas and with the following positions:
    • Administrative Manager and member of the Management Board.
    • Earthquake Emergency Central Italy - as a clinician at the Amatrice and Accumoli Health Services and at the crater schools; as coordinator of community Empowerment activities.
    • Psychological-Clinical Counseling Center - as clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.
    • "Casa dei Papà" (Residential parenting support service for separated fathers with socio-economic difficulties, promoted by the Social Policies, Subsidiarity and Health Department of the Municipality of Roma Capitale) - as clinical psychologist.
    He carries out psychological counseling and psychotherapy as a freelancer.
    Since 2010 he has collaborated with the Prompt Reception and Social Emergency circuits of the Municipality of Rome, covering different roles and functions, from coordination to direct support for the person.
  • Silvana D'Anzi

    Psychologist, systemic-relational psychotherapist.
  • Ilaria Saponaro

    Ilaria Saponaro

    Psychologist, integrated orientation psychotherapist (psychodynamic and systemic-relational).
    Graduated in Psychology at the "Sapienza" University of Rome and enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Lazio. Specialized in Psychotherapy at the four-year school of ITRI - Institute of Integrated Relational Therapy - in Rome, I practice a clinical approach which, in the understanding and interpretation of symptoms and the treatment of discomfort, takes into high consideration both the intrapsychic elements and the relational factors. In the clinical setting, it offers counseling, psychological support and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. Many years of experience in psychoeducational and first listening interventions, in school and socio-educational contexts. He gained experience in training and leading groups through interactive and participatory methodologies. With Psy + Onlus it carries out the psychological listening service for some Comprehensive Institutes of the city of Rome.
  • Isabella Patrizia Perrone

    Isabella Patrizia Perrone

    Clinical psychologist, Systemic-relational psychotherapist, Psychodiagnostic.
    Graduated in Rome from the Faculty of Psychology "La Sapienza", she specializes at the "Academy of Family Psychotherapy" (Rome). Master of legal psychology at the Campanian institute of legal psychology. She has worked for 7 years with the ASL RmE of Rome as a psychologist and psychotherapist. Expert in the prevention and treatment of pathological gambling and behavioral addictions. He has consolidated experience in parental mediation and in the management of conflictual separations, as well as in situations of social emergency that need to activate network resources. With Psy +, in addition to the coordination of the Psychological Clinical Counseling Center, she works in the school environment (at the Comp. Institute "De Curtis" and in the field of bullying in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale) and teaches volunteers on the project "A Special Life ".
  • Giuseppe Scurci

    Giuseppe Scurci

    Clinical Psychologist, specialized in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Secretary General of Psy + Onlus.
    He graduated in Psychology in Rome at the "La Sapienza" University and specialized at the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP) under the guidance of Prof. Edmond Gillièron.
    He had the opportunity to train with GO Gabbard, M. Ammaniti, M. Baldassarre, M. Biondi, V. Lingiardi, MG Fava Vizziello, L. Janiri, M. Rossi Monti, G. Rugi.
    With Psy + Onlus he held the position of head of the International Cooperation project "A Special Life, Special Care for Special Needs" implemented in Belgrade and coordinator of psychological services and the scientific committee of the "Casa dei Papà" project in Roma Capitale. Again with Psy + Onlus, he worked in the area of ​​school psychology services. He is part of the emergency psychology team intervened in the areas affected by the earthquake in central Italy, coordinated by INTERSOS, a humanitarian organization, and he is Senior Program Officer of the project "Reconstruct the People" created by Intersos and Psy + Onlus and funded by Mediafriends Onlus in same context.
    As a freelancer, he works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Rome and Avezzano (AQ).
    From 2012 to 2015 he worked as a specialist at the ASL Roma B, in the service for the Protection of Mental Health and Rehabilitation in Developmental Age (TSMREE).
    He worked in the research field in Belgrade (Serbia) carrying out studies on the impact of institutionalization in children with neurological pathology, these studies are published in international indexed journals (Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences - Psihologija).
    As a collaborator of Prof. Viviana Langher's Chair in Verification of Interventions in Clinical Psychology (University of Rome La Sapienza), she has participated in numerous national and international conferences presenting research work in Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey.
    He is the author of popular psychological articles in the national press.
    Graduated from the conservatory of L'Aquila “A. Casella ”in Saxophone, performs concert activities with the ANEMOSquartet sax quartet with an international curriculum.
  • Giulia Lauri

    Giulia Lauri

    Psychologist, Ph.D., psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Psy + School Area Coordinator.
    He graduated with honors in Clinical Dynamic Psychology of Childhood, Adolescence and Family at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
    In 2011 she was the winner of the admission competition for the PhD in "Psychology and Cognitive Science" at the Department of Psychology, in which she carried out basic and clinical research in the field of sleep psychophysiology. In 2016 he obtained the title of PhD by participating in the implementation of an experimental protocol, funded by MIUR in collaboration with the Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic, on the relationship between sleep and neurodegenerative dementias.
    She has carried out psychological-clinical consultancy activities at the Mental Health Center of Palestrina (2015-2018) and Velletri (2018-2019) as a specialist, and in 2019 she obtained the title of psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist at the IREP ( European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy).
    Since 2016 he has been involved in the design, management and implementation of the educational programming of the educational farm "Terra del vento".
    She has participated, as a speaker, in national conferences and is the author and co-author of articles and scientific publications in national and international journals.
    With Psy + Onlus, he collaborated in the emergency psychology project "Reconstruct people" in support of people affected by the earthquake in central Italy, and is currently a member of the team of therapists of the Clinical Consulting Center.
  • Rita Fiorentino

    Rita Fiorentino

    Clinical and Health Psychologist, Psychodynamic psychotherapist with psychoanalytic orientation, Family Mediator. Psy + Onlus Operational Coordination Manager.
    He graduated with honors from the "G.d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara. In 2012 he collaborated with the Day Hospital of Psychiatry and Drug Addiction of the "A. Gemelli" Polyclinic in Rome, specializing in the clinic of pathological addictions with and without substance. In 2013 he served in the ordinary circuit of prompt reception of the Department of Social Services and Health of the Municipality of Rome, dealing with services aimed at mothers with minor and pregnant children. Between 2014 and 2017 he studied and practiced ethnopsychology concepts and practices in the Roman network of support and integration services for asylum seekers. With Psy + Onlus he works in the area of ​​school psychology services, has coordinated projects aimed at combating the phenomenon of early school leaving and bullying and raising awareness on the issue of immigration and from 2016 to today coordinates the Emergency Psychology activities carried out by Psy + Onlus, first in partnership with INTERSOS and currently with ActionAid, aimed at people involved in the Central Italy earthquake. During these years he has participated in numerous conferences, presenting works on immigration, alcoholism and on catastrophes and psychosocial emergencies.

    Website: www.ritafiorentino.it
  • Arianna Sirolli

    Arianna Sirolli

    Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Clinical and Legal Psychodiagnostic Expert, Dancer Therapist.
    AIR Ordinary Member of the International Society of the Rorschach Projective Method.
    Graduated in Developmental Psychology at La Sapienza University (Rome), she obtained a two-year Master in Art Therapy at SIPEA and a two-year Master (I and II Module) in Clinical and Legal Psychodiagnosis at CIFRi.C. It deals with psychological, psycho-physical well-being and the balance of the person in his environment through individual, couple and family treatments. It deals with adults, teenagers and children. Psy + member since 2013, Psychotherapist of the Psy + Clinical Consulting Center dealing with clinical and Forensic psychology. He is a clinical supervisor at the Il Volo delle Aquile family home and the Eagles' nest, structures that accommodate: unaccompanied foreign minors, minors who commit crimes; while the second facility welcomes women and children victims of violence and custody minors sent by TM. He is the Technical Office Consultant (criminal and civil CTU) for the court of Sulmona, Civil Section, Criminal Section with specificity in listening to minors victims of crime (GIP / GUP Office). In the three-year period 2015-2018, expert in the subject at the University of L'Aquila, Faculty of Psychology: Chair of Psychoanalytic Technique; Faculty of Investigation Science: chair of General Psychology and chair of Legal Psychology. For over 8 years he has been involved in the third sector and actively collaborates with the Lazio and Abruzzesi territorial health companies. He carries out research in the field of eating disorders and psychosomatic disorders collaborating with La Sapienza and Policlinico Umberto I for several years. Partner I.Me.Psi, Institute of Medicine and Psychology of Rome, deals with psychotherapy, psychodiagnostic evaluation and actively collaborates in research in the field of obesity treatment. For Associazione 180 Amici L'Aquila Onlus he is responsible for traineeships for doctors in psychology and their tutor since 2014. He also deals with partisan technical advice, member of AIR Associazione Italiana Rorschach. He has been collaborating for over 7 years with the local ASL of Rome (ASL Roma C), and has collaborated with the ASL of Avezzano-Sulmona-L'Aquila.
  • Claudia Notari

    Claudia Notari

    Psychologist, psychotherapist. Founding member of Psy + Onlus.
    He graduated in Dynamic and Clinical Psychology of the Person, the Community and Organizations at the University of Rome "Sapienza". She is enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of the Lazio Region with order number 18227 and has subsequently obtained the Diploma of qualification in individual and group psychotherapy, at the School of Training in Dynamic Psychotherapy (SFPID) in Rome.
    In 2009 he carried out psycho-social research at the city of Barcelona on the psychological distress of the economic migrant and asylum seeker victim of political, racial, religious or gender persecution. Since then he has been involved in research and psychological support for refugees, torture victims, victims of trafficking. In this regard, he collaborated first with the INMP (National Institute for the promotion of the health of migrant populations and the fight against poverty diseases) and then with SAMIFO, dealing with taking charge of psychological talks in teams with ethnopsychiatrists, cultural mediators and anthropologists. It carries out animation and social integration activities within a SPRAR Reception Center hosting women asylum seekers and refugees.
    Since 2012 she has been carrying out clinical activities of individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapy. Since 2014 he has followed, in collaboration with the Psyplus team, several psychological helpdesk projects in some schools in Rome. Since July 2017, he has participated in a research project in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, in which he takes care of the psychological support given to families residing in the "Davide Ciavattivi" Hospitality House which hosts groups with children with oncohaematological diseases .


  • Luca Di Bernardo

    Luca Di Bernardo

    Psychologist, psychotherapist.
    He graduated with honors from the "G.d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara, where he continued his studies as a subject expert at the chair of dynamic psychology and psychopathology with Professor G. Stanghellini. He specialized in the administration of the Rorschach Test. Over the years he has collaborated with the Department of Mental Health of the ASL of Pescara and has gained experience working in the educational community for minors. Since 2017 he has collaborated with Psy + Onlus within the emergency psychology projects aimed at the populations involved in the earthquake in central Italy, in partnership with Intersos first and with ActionAid then, where he now holds the role of coordinator of the community Empowerment area. He works privately in Pescara with children, adolescents and adults; collaborates with various local bodies and associations for the promotion and protection of mental health.
  • Ilaria Truglia

    Ilaria Truglia

    Psychologist, Ph.D., psychoanalytic psychotherapist
    He graduated with honors in Clinical Dynamic Psychology of Childhood, Adolescence and Family at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Since 2009, at the Department of Psychology of the same University, he has undertaken research in the field of sleep psychophysiology. In the same context, she was awarded two scholarships for research activities and an occasional self-employment assignment and in 2017 she received a PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science, with honors. She was trained in the clinical and legal-expert psychodiagnostic framework at CIFRI.C. As a trainee, she collaborated with the Spoleto Mental Health Center (2015-2016) and with the Pescara Nord Family Counseling Center (2017-2018). Finally, he graduated with honors in Psychotherapy with a specialization in Psychotherapy, at the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP) in Rome. Author and co-author of articles and abstracts published in national and international peer-reviewed journals. Since 2015 he has been working as a freelancer in the field of clinical psychology and the promotion of mental and physical well-being.

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  • Carlo Elpidio

    Carlo Elpidio

    Psychologist, psychotherapist.
    He graduated with honors in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of G. D'Annunzio "of Chieti-Pescara (2015). In 2010 he worked as an educator and play manager in summer campuses for children with DSA with AID. In 2011 at L'UniCH he participated in the research group on the multifactorial questionnaire on "School Sick", published in Giunti magazine, March - April 2011. After graduation she completed training internships in the Child Neuropsychiatry departments (2014, 2015, 2016); Oncology (2014); Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Service (2017); Spoltore family counseling office (2018, 2019) at AUSL PE. In 2016-2017 he worked with migrants and asylum seekers in different CAS of Chieti and Pescara, ARCI circuit. On March 18, 2017 he organized the seminar "Immigration, the state of the art: real risks or fears" at the UniCH. With Psy + Onlus (2017, 2018) within the project "Reconstruct people", he carried out the monitoring of the families present on the coast before returning to their territories, consultancy and support activities at the PASS of Amatrice and deputy referent school area for activities aimed at families and minors in Accumoli. Since September 2018 he has been carrying out clinical activities at the Spoltore family counseling center, collaborating with the childbirth support groups. Organize meetings to raise awareness of the paternal role. He works privately in Pescara. Interested in theater art, he is an actor and theater trainer, he leads groups through the technique of emotional contact.
  • Melania Di Nardo

    Melania Di Nardo

    Psychologist, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
    He graduated with honors from the Triennial and Specialized Degree in Clinical Psychology at the G. d'Annunzio University of Chieti, treating Food Behavior Disorders as a thesis topic. He had direct study experience at the AIDAP Center for Eating Disorders in Pescara. He continued his university training with a research internship at the chair of Clinical Psychology, dealing with the psychological aspects of infertile couples, working at the "Bernabeo" health district of Ortona, ASL Lanciano-Chieti-Vasto. She specialized with honors in Psychotherapy at the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP) based in Rome, directed by Prof. E. Gillièron. From 2015 to 2017 she worked as a trainee at the Mental Health Center, ASL Pescara Sud, dealing with psychiatric disorders and in 2018 at the Service for pathological addictions, ASL Pescara, dealing with addiction to substances and gambling. Since 2018 she collaborates as Psychologist Psychotherapist at the CASA Psychological Listening Center in Chieti Scalo, where she deals with psychological-clinical consultancy, in the same place she leads groups (support and accompaniment to parenting; infertility problems) and is interested in training of the operators. Since 2015 he has been carrying out clinical activities in a freelance regime in Pescara.
  • Raffaele Di Cesare

    Raffaele Di Cesare

    Psychologist, psychotherapist.
    From 2016 to 2019 I lived an extraordinary professional experience, working in Pescara as a psychologist at two large Extraordinary Reception Centers for International Protection applicants and at a community for MNSA. I have carried out clinical activity aimed at guests and supervised multidisciplinary teams. In 2013 I graduated in Clinical and Health Psychology at the "G.d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara, discussing an experimental thesis on the emotional condition of parents of preterm births. In 2019 I graduated in Psychoanalytic Oriented Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP), under the guidance of Prof. Gilliéron, discussing a clinical case from the epistemological summit of the Theory of Complex Systems. Over the years, I trained as a specialist in the Oncological Psychology Service of the Spirito Santo Hospital of Pescara, at the Mental Health Center of Pescara North and as a conductor of Autogenic Training with Guided Views at the CSPP in Pescara. Weekly, I participate in a clinical supervision group with dr. Anthony Molino, psychoanalyst, anthropologist and translator for Italy, among others, of the works of Christopher Bollas. I carry out psychological counseling and psychotherapist activities as a freelancer.


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