PsyPlus is a third sector body that is committed to disseminating good practices in psychology and psychotherapy

It promotes and develops projects according to participatory methodologies, supports endogenous development processes by enhancing local resources and cultures. In its operation, Psy + ETS combines social solidarity interventions with the development of training courses aimed at enhancing sociality, tolerance and intercultural dialogue. The various initiatives promoted by Psy + ETS are united by a participatory and experiential methodology and the desire to associate the development of a stimulating group work with the tools of psychology, capable of enhancing the critical skills and free expression of every single person.

Established in August 2011, the association currently has 45 members

The people who join PsyPlus ETS are mainly trained in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Literature, International Cooperation, Psychopedagogy, Educational Sciences, Arts subjects. The deployment of associative activities is inherent in the following macro-areas: School Psychology / Psychopedagogy, Psychodiagnostic / Clinical Psychology / Psychotherapy, Migrants / Interculture, Social Research, Pathological Addictions, Marginalization, Emergency Psychology / Psychotraumatology, De-Institutionalization, Training.

PsyPlus ETS Management Board

Claudio Dalpiaz

Psychologist, psychotherapist


PsyPlus ETS Founding Partner

+ info on www.claudiodalpiaz.it

Joseph Scurci

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Secretary General, Emergency Area Coordinator

PsyPlus ETS founding partner

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, specialized in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the IREP directed by Prof. Edmond Gillièron.
She deals with individual, family and couple therapies. Former Head of the International Cooperation project "A Special Life, Special Care for Special Needs" as well as Coordinator of psychological services and of the Scientific Committee of the "Casa dei Papà" in Roma Capitale (2016/17). He significantly contributed to the organization of the Psychology of Emergencies group which intervened in the earthquake in central Italy from 2016 to 2019 and currently represents Psy + in the Esprì Netwok network of which he is Treasurer. From 2012 to 2015, specializing at the ASL Roma B, in the service for the Protection of Mental Health and Rehabilitation in the Developmental Age (TSMREE), he is also involved in the Street Unit of the Social Operations Room of Roma Capitale, maintaining close contact with social marginalization and psychopathology. He has worked in research in Belgrade (Serbia) conducting studies on the impact of institutionalization in children with neurological diseases which have been published in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences - Psihologija. Collaborator of the Chair of Verification of Interventions in Clinical Psychology of Prof. Viviana Langher (University of Rome La Sapienza), he has participated in numerous national and international conferences presenting his research works in Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey. Graduated from the Conservatory of L'Aquila “A. Casella ”in Saxophone, performs concert activities with the ANEMOSquartet sax quartet with an international curriculum.

Joseph Tolve

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Treasurer, Coordinator of the Clinical Psychological Counseling Center

PsyPlus ETS founding partner

Psychologist, psychotherapist. He received his master's degree from the Faculty of Psychology I of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome (March 2010). He carried out part of his specialist training at the "Rénè Descartes" University - Paris V (2006/2007); and at the University of Belgrade (2008/2009). In Serbia he conducted research activities in the field of de-institutionalization and social inclusion of disabled people. Author of scientific publications on the subject, he has intervened as a speaker at national and international conferences. She carried out psychological-clinical consultancy activities at TSRMEE ASL RM-B (Rome) from 2011 to 2015. She obtained a specialization diploma from the European Research Institute in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IREP), (June 2016). Currently he carries out psychological counseling and psychotherapy as a freelancer. Since 2010 he has collaborated with the Ready-to-welcome and Social Emergency circuits of the Municipality of Rome, covering different roles and functions, from coordination to direct personal support.

Giulio Ciucci


Deputy Head of Operational Coordination

Referent of the Social Inclusion Area, after a degree cum laude in Political Science - international address - and some training experiences abroad, he deepens his studies with a research doctorate in Sociology, during which he analyzes the links between the processes of individualization in progress and the increasing dependence of individuals on certain social structures (the State, the family, the world of work). For several years he worked in the immigration sector, first in Caritas and then at the IOM (International Organization for Migration). Since 2015 he has been involved with homeless people as a street worker for the Municipality of Rome. Member of PsyPlus since 2019, thanks to the fundamental support of a team of seven people and the collaboration of other figures within the association, he is currently dedicating himself to the development of the area dedicated to social inclusion and to the fight against serious adult marginalization with the goal of carrying out Housing First projects in the city of Rome. He makes networking and nurturing relationships two of his guiding principles. He collaborates with the fio.PSD (Italian Federation of Organizations for Homeless People) as a trainer.

Luke DiBernardo

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Vice President

Psychologist, psychotherapist. He graduated with honors from the “G.d'Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, where he continued his studies as an expert on the subject at the chair of dynamic psychology and psychopathology with Professor G. Stanghellini. He specialized with full marks at the School of Phenomenological-Dynamic Psychotherapy in Florence. He also specialized in administering the Rorschach Test. Over the years he has collaborated with the Mental Health Department of the Pescara ASL and has gained experience working in the field of educational communities for minors. With PsyPlus he collaborated in emergency psychology projects aimed at the populations of central Italy affected by the 2016 earthquake, in partnership with Intersos first and then with ActionAid, where he carried out clinical activity in the Health Services of Amatrice and Accumoli and where he held the role of coordinator of community empowerment activities. He currently holds the role of Vice-manager and contact person of the Pescara operational headquarters. Since 2014 he has been working as a freelance with teenagers, adults (singles and couples) and groups; collaborates with various organizations and associations in the area for the promotion and protection of mental health. 

  • PsyPlus ETS's ability to carry out its membership mandate depends on the commitment of its staff and those who volunteer to support and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We are personally and collectively responsible for affirming these standards. Those who hold elective positions, operational positions and / or any employee positions within the organization have a particular responsibility in providing a good example and in creating an operational environment that supports and values ​​the ethics of each associated person.

  • It is not the figures presented here that can represent the overall effort, even voluntary, free, that associates and associates dedicate to the spread of psychological well-being. Anyone who wants, can however see how the associative balance sheet is structured, with a view to transparency.

  • The PsyPlus ETS association was established on 2 August 2011 in Rome. The associated persons come from different research and intervention experiences in the psychosocial field. By continuing to read, you will be able to gather a lot of information about the vision and objectives that PsyPlus sets itself. In fact, the Association Statute summarizes the aspirations of our organization, and the guidelines that define the ways in which to pursue the goals we have set ourselves.

because psychological well-being is a right of every person

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for the psychological well-being of each person

since 2011 we have been committed to the dissemination of psychological well-being as a right of every person

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