Coronavirus: how to combat temporal dilation anxiety with creativity.

The current emergency situation is putting us to the test. Home quarantine pushes people to have an anxious-depressive attitude that often makes them lose sight of themselves.

What we want to deal with in this short article is:

  • how to counteract the feelings of anxiety and depression resulting from the emergency situation
  • how to counteract temporal dilation and provide ideas to face the days
  • how to counteract the anxiety of isolation by virtue of the rebirth of creativity

The internal situations that this great challenge poses are related to the sense of impower in facing an invisible enemy that so severely exhausts a country, impotence that is often accompanied by difficulties in managing anxious and abandoning content which derive from an isolation, necessary and aware, but still difficult to face, especially for those who are far from loved ones or fear for their safety, being more vulnerable subjects. There fear it is a very important emotion that should not be demonized rather unawakenedin fact it is itself that provides us with the way out, preserving what is called instinct for conservation, survival, adopting cautious and aware behaviors. Fear is very different from terror that acts through chaos and generates impulsiveness and risky behavior. The management of anxiety and depression must be able to be carried out through a continuous balancing based on reflection and on the ability to anticipate what may be the consequences of our actions, this will lead to lower levels of anxiety together with the good practice of relying on truthful news with scientific sources, we therefore seek the news directly from reliable sites and learn as much as possible about the good practices to be adopted.

You realized how much the time flow more slowly? There seems to be a time dilation, well that this becomes one resource more than a way to drag oneself into the house without washing or dressing thus showing a depressive attitude which then could even lead to a risk of sleep-wake inversion, not hanging around the house, but enjoy the little things, the small moments, this is very important especially for those at risk, those people who by nature are already prone to social isolation, a lack of stimuli, drowsiness and inactivity.

Plan your time! Dedicate half an hour to experience of the mind, listen to music, watch a documentary, read your favorite book and find your stimuli, don't lose sight of the daily duties, find time to work, study, learn a new thing, put this on the calendar too! And what about yours the body? Certainly an hour to be able to devote to training at home helps not only to regenerate, to feel active and to improve sleep and digestion, but we know well that endorphins are produced and therefore we will consequently feel happier and more satisfied.

Through the various popular social networks, we came across what we can call the "Italian phenomenon" for excellence: la creativeness, revisited songs, humor, dramatization, skits and home theater, well stimulate your creativity: desire is born from lack, and then produce, invent and free your ideas! There are undoubtedly a thousand things that you would have liked to do and which unleash the creativity that is in each of us, exploit and cultivate them, this is a fertile moment to give a new meaning to time and get closer to ourselves.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ariadne Sirolli

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* Notes on the author. Arianna Sirolli: Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, psychologist, clinical and legal psychodiagnostic expert, Rorschachist registered with AIR, expert in the protected hearing of minors in the expert field. Ordinary member Psy + Onlus. For years he has been dealing with eating and mental disorders. Other areas of work include: juvenile offenders, unaccompanied foreign minors, minors in temporary foster care in protected facilities, gender-based violence. For several years she has been dealing with psychotherapy with adults, couples, families and adolescents.

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