Seminar "Migration, Crisis and Gambling"

March 15, 2014 - lost on Cesv, via Liberiana 17, Rome - edited by Psy Plus Onlus e Orthos project

In recent years, the opportunities for gambling have multiplied and branched across the territory, differentiating and pervading every social space. In recent times, numerous Las Vegas-style game rooms have flourished in Rome which in terms of turnover and social damage have nothing to envy to the real casinos.

We are constantly witnessing the opening of spaces dedicated to gambling, in particular slot machines, which occupy spaces left empty by commercial or artisan businesses forced to close due to the crisis. A crisis that is often exacerbated by the illusion of being able to face it by relying on chance, luck. In this context, among the categories vulnerable to the phenomenon we can count all those who, having recently arrived in the area, and experiencing the difficulties of integration paths on their own, find themselves having to manage the coincidence of the economic crisis with the complexity of creating the own migration project. The exploratory survey - Rome Gambling Survey - and this seminar deal with the theme of the relationship between the existential condition of the immigrant and the offerings of hope tokens that proliferate on our territories.

Morning program

- 10.00. "Pathological Gambling - individual risk factors and consumer conditioning techniques" - Dr. Claudio Dalpiaz, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Associate Orthos, ALEA and President of Psy + Onlus.

- 11.00 am. "Migratory Project, economic crisis between desire for well-being and magical thinking" - Dr. Valeria Giannuzzi, Psychologist and Founding Member Psy + Onlus.

- 11.30 am. "Rome Gambling Survey. The exploratory research on Gambling in the foreign population of Rome. State of the art, first considerations" - Dr. Daniele Manasse, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psy + Onlus Member.

- 12.00. "Therapy groups for pathological gamblers; a post-graduate traineeship experience in Buenos Aires" - Dr. Marika Nuti, Psychologist, Counselor, Partner Psy + Onlus.

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The afternoon will continue with the collection of questionnaires by teams of volunteers coordinated by the members of Psy + Onlus and a flash mob to shout our no to gambling.

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