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The ENEA Interculture Project: Educating for New Welcoming Expressions, intends to promote a path of raising awareness on the issue of migration and the reception of asylum seekers, through meetings aimed at teachers, parents and students oflast year of lower secondary school
The migrant is, by definition, the bearer of diversity and among the natural human reactions to the encounter with the different it is possible to encounter feelings of suspicion and fear. The nervous system is programmed to activate defensively when it comes into contact with something unknown, but this activation is reduced as understanding of the phenomenon increases. 

The integration of knowledge and the emergent formation of a judgment are secondary and reflect family, social and environmental influences to which the individual is exposed, especially in developmental age. An intervention at school, educational and family level constitutes a key element to make diversity a resource and not a limit, favoring the knowledge of the other and avoiding discriminatory processes. Based on these premises, the project, proposed by the SPRAR Centers "Gu.Se.Vi" License, "Amahoro" and "Il Vigneto" Tivoli, in collaboration with the Psy + Onlus Association and with the Comprehensive Institutes "TO. De Curtis ”- Rome and some Comprehensive Institutes of Tivoli, proposes the realization of a cycle of 5 meetings regarding the situation of refugees and asylum seekers and the reception paths activated within the centers SPRAR.

- main objectives of the meetings are:

  • raise awareness and inform participants about who the asylum seekers and refugees are;
  • promote a dialogue with the classes to identify and define any prejudices and stereotypes;
  • stimulate constructive reflections on the topics dealt with through the active involvement of teachers, parents and pupils;
  • encourage the emotional and cognitive expression of pupils through the production of creative material on the topics covered;
  • promote sharing and constructive exchange through the display of materials produced at school and in the SPRAR centers.

These objectives will be achieved through a course lasting a total of 7 months, organized in six stages broken down by activities and times:

1) Coordination with the school management
2) A meeting with the teachers
3) Three meetings with the students
4) A meeting with parents, students and teachers
5) Production of documents during the two months following the meetings
6) A follow-up meeting

The schools interested in the project can contact us at 3246049974 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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