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To anyone who works in essential activities, guaranteeing services to all citizens.

Thanks to doctors, nurses, health in general, operators of pharmacies, supermarkets, thanks to public service drivers, carriers, carers, electricians, rescuers and emergency workers, thanks to the technicians of the electrical, telephone and sewer networks, gas; thanks to 112 operators and other essential call centers, couriers and riders. Thank you.

Healthcare Staff

Market and supermarket staff

Riders, postmen, couriers

Pharmacies, parapharmacies

Free Online Support Service for Healthcare and Staff Essential Activities

With the intensification of the Corona Virus emergency, PsyPlus Onlus, which works in network with other organizations engaged in psychosocial support services, has launched a solidarity initiative in the comparisons of operators and operators of essential services. All and all those who today are committed to guaranteeing the population medical treatment, delivery of medicines, food, and any other essential goods to face this crisis, or otherwise engaged in the maintenance of essential services, can obtain listening and psychological support. specific:

for a maximum of four meetings (possibly renewable for exceptional situations) you can count on listening and on the support of experts in psychology / psychotherapy who will guide you in the management of stress, facilitating you in the acquisition of tools to contain anxiety and any other symptoms related to the meritorious function that you are performing for the benefit of the people around you.

the free listening and psychological support service for those who work in essential services can be requested and activated by clicking below, writing to:

In consideration of the great needs, our limited resources, and the numerous offers of solidarity in the various territories, we invite you to contact us especially the operators working in the Municipalities of Rome and Pescara (remaining open to requests from other places as well).

psychological well-being is a right for every person

PsyPlus Onlus is a non-profit organization of social utility that is committed to the dissemination of good practices in psychology, psychotherapy, cooperation and social solidarity.
We carry out psychosocial interventions with participatory methodologies, enhancing the resources of the context and promoting generative paths of sociability, tolerance and dialogue.

With your help, every day

we translate knowledge of psychology into effective projects

for the psychological well-being of each person

since 2011 we have been committed to the dissemination of psychological well-being as a right of every person

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