Fuoriclasse against early school leaving

Psy + Onlus is active at two Comprehensive Institutes of the Municipality of Aprilia, IC Matteotti and IC Toscanini (primary and secondary complexes), with the project Fuoriclasse di Save The Children, against early school leaving.

The current program includes a series of integrated interventions for the students, the teachers and families.

Specifically, the Aprilia Fuoriclasse project includes the following activities:

- Motivational workshops

- Star Player Tips

- Teachers' path

- Parents path

- Fuoriclasse Educational Center

Motivational workshops

The goal of the motivational workshops is to introduce children to young people UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent (Convention on the Rights of the Child - CRC) by stimulating reflection on the role of the convention in their lives and in that of other peers through the active participation.

The motivational workshops, activated in the classes participating in the project, are also aimed at promoting a collaborative approach among the pupils in carrying out the activities, increasing the cohesion of the class group and stimulating curiosity in teachers towards the use of participatory educational techniques.

Advice Fuoriclasse

The Fuoriclasse Councils offer spaces for discussion and reflection on the problematic or improvable aspects of the school, from the students' point of view.

The methodology used is in the mold interactive-participative, facilitating a path of raising students' awareness of their right to express needs and opinions and to be heard.

Through the Councils, children and young people are stimulated to analyze the main problems of the school and to formulation of improvement proposals, promoting the sense of responsibility and self-efficacy in taking care of the school, and the confidence to commit to make changes.

Teachers Path

The objective of the Teacher Path activities is oriented towards the direct involvement of the teachers in the various phases of the Fuoriclasse project such as active part of the change. Through meetings with teachers, the strengthening of one is also promoted inclusive and participatory teaching, through methodologies such as cooperative learning and learning by doing.

Parent Path

The Parent Path is oriented to facilitate the school-family dialogue to promote the development of an educational community that focuses on welfare of minors; promote and support one positive parenting and provide spaces for meeting and comparison between parents.

Fuoriclasse Educational Center (CEF)

CEF is a space dedicated to study support in extracurricular hours and ad laboratory / experiential activities.

The start of the Center allowed the redevelopment of a space within the Matteotti School through the activation of workshops and afternoon activities to accompany and support the study for primary and secondary school students (IC Matteotti and IC Toscanini) from Monday to Friday for a weekly duration of 15 hours .

Within the CEF have been activated paths to accompany the study, of school inclusion for learning the Italian language L1 and L2 e educational and artistic-expressive workshops aimed at students of the classes participating in the project.


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