Identity and Trauma: the centenary of the Marsica earthquake read in a psychodynamic key

The history of modern Marsica unfolds on two basic events: the drying up of Lake Fucino and the earthquake of '15. Events totally dissimilar between rsz 17128rkdjexl sl1500 2-1them, for the elementary consideration that the first was the work of man (politician, administrator or entrepreneur who was) and the second was the work of nature. But these two events, moreover temporally close, conferred perhaps a unique relief to the territory that had been subject to it, and despite their etiological diversity, they presented two mirror effects: an upheaval of identities and a loss of the memory of the roots (G. Nicoli). In this seminar we will propose an a posteriori psychodynamic reading of the events from the end of the 800th century to the beginning of the 900th century, attempting to size the impact of these on the population of the Abruzzo hinterland. 
Dr. Giuseppe Scurci

Trauma and psychic wounds: the function of the therapeutic relationship

The word "trauma" comes from the Greek τραῦμα, which means < >, < >. In organic medicine it indicates a tissue injury. As early as 1920, Freud used the term in a metaphorical sense to emphasize the fact that the mind can be pierced and wound from events.

In this sense the trauma it is an attack on thought that cools and blocks emotions, placing the individual in front of a feeling of total impotence.

The "luck" of the tragedy: the traumatic paradox of the asylum seeker

In these great times migration, there is a lot of talk about landings, numbers, money spent onwelcome. Too little is said about their stories, the reason that drove them to come here and the drama that they bring in once they arrive. This drama is in turn the only tool for obtaining international protection recognition in our country. The deeper, more serious and tragic this drama, the more likely it is that their application will be accepted.

Recanati: a day dedicated to the "Terre di Centro"

Recanati conference Terre di centro minOn the morning of Saturday 15 September, in the Aula Magna of the Palazzo Comunale of Recanati (MC), on the occasion of the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding approved by the Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga Park and Monti Sibillini Park Authorities, the conference was held "The magnificent central lands - Saving memory between destruction and rebirth".

In the afternoon, a round table was held at the Convent of the Capuchin Friars on the theme "Sustainable development and cultural heritage, opportunities and good practices in comparison".

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