"A Special Life", a project in support of "Naša Kuća"

AspecialLifePsy + Onlus and the partners of Nasa Kuca they carried out the project "A special life, special care for special needs"which involves volunteers selected by Psy + Onlus in the implementation of innovative activities in favor of users of the day center Nasa Kuca (Belgrade, Serbia).Patients with severe disabilities were thus able to benefit from the support of Psy + Onlus, committed to guaranteeing recreational and learning opportunities outside the hospitalization institutions. Furthermore, our presence is aimed at extending and improving the skills of family members in taking care of their loved ones with special needs.

 The project ended in December 2016. Thank you for the support you have given!

May 8, 2016: a "special" day

On May 8, Psy + Onlus met its members and friends at Venetian space (via Reno 18 / a, Rome) to present the new edition of the "A special life: special care for special needs" project for the 2015-2016 academic year.
During the morning the president Claudio Dalpiaz and the treasurer Giuseppe Tolve described to many present the project and its evolution during this first year of presence of our volunteers at the day center of Nasa Kuca in Belgrade. Paolo Azzolini and Monica Ranieri have created a video lesson on their experience, which is added to a short film on love made for Valentine's Day (Ljubav) and a video on the activity of the day center made on the occasion of International Day of People with Disabilities (December 2015). A special thanks for these audiovisual products goes to the volunteer Monica Ranieri, photojournalist, and to Borders News.

Scholarships for Volunteers: project "A Special life, Special Care for Special Needs"

Deadline: 25 / 04 / 2015

Requirements: Enrollment in the Master's Degree in Psychology, in Educational Sciences or other disciplines related to helping relationships, or corresponding degrees obtained from no more than a year.
Send CV applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General overview
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Psy + Onlus supports the right to inclusion of people with special needs. In past years we have had the opportunity to confirm, through extensive research and observations, the well-known iatrogenic effect of hospitalization: long-term hospitalizations, despite improvements in clinical and organizational practices, negatively affect the development opportunities of young people and bring to a progressive involution in adults. With "Special needs" we refer to the needs that derive from strongly disabling conditions such as infantile cerebral palsy, autism, encephalopathies: these patients should be supported through complex multidisciplinary interventions, managed by adequately trained and supervised teams, able to program and provide support and care activities both at home and outside, in close collaboration and contact with family members.

Ljubav-The words of love

The video "Ljubav-The Words of Love" is a work by Monica Ranieri, Anthropologist, volunteer of Psy + Onlus, within the project "A Special Life - Special care for Special Needs". The international project, which started in October 2015 is in full swing. Monica and Paolo have been working in the field for about 4 months Nasa Kuca, Serbian workshop attended by young adults with mental disabilities. Their work, at times difficult, hampered by serious language barriers, is full of a very important added value: the relationship. Entering an unknown context, understanding its dynamics, being accepted, being experienced as emotionally central figures, is not always tangible but it is the best result that can be expected from a project.

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Ukraine emergency

since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, PsyPlus collaborates with other partners for the creation of services dedicated to people fleeing the conflict. Children and their families are at the center of the interventions we have prepared. For information or collaborations, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SNEG project

il SNEG project. aims to contribute to the increase of the well-being and social inclusion of people with special needs and their families, in the context of the day center run by our partners, Naša Kuća, in Belgrade (Serbia)

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A year in Serbia

 G.Scurci and G.Tolve of Psy + Onlus spent a year in Serbia engaged in a research path on deinstitutionalization. They had the opportunity to explore closely the reality of local institutions and in the following text they offer us a vision of the experience made, with the generosity and clarity that distinguish them.

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