Psy + Onlus wins the tender for psychological services at the IC "Via G. Messina"

icv messinaPsy + Onlus has been awarded the tender for the assignment of the psychological counseling service (listening desk), monitoring-prevention activities for school problems, psychological support courses for students and parents as 2015-2016 at the Institute Including "Via G. Messina".
The listening and psychological support project designed for primary school will provide a space where we can discuss and analyze together the discomforts inherent in the delicate development phase of the child both within the school context, in the family and in interaction with peers.
Part of the project will devote hours to listening to the parent, the teacher, the child himself or anyone close to him, who needs to confront a professional about a personal difficulty. Another part of the activity will be dedicated to direct collaboration with teachers and parents, with the aim of observing, analyzing and building together effective intervention strategies to cope with any difficulties encountered in http://medicineoffer.com/canadian-pharmacy-viagra/ special cases.
Within the lower secondary school (middle schools), the intervention will aim to respond to the needs that may emerge in the developmental phase of adolescence, a period of critical transition and already normally characterized by ambivalent feelings and uncertainty, not only in children, but also in their reference adults. The adolescent is called to face various developmental tasks and to build his own identity, just as adults are called to accompany him in the gradual process of acquiring autonomy and in the development of his potential. In fact, when the challenges of adolescence appear too difficult, situations of intense malaise or real disorders can emerge or worsen. Deviant and risky behaviors, or failure and dropout from school and relational difficulties in the family and with peers must find adequate spaces for listening and containment. The Psychological Listening Desk gives young people, teachers or parents the opportunity to find a place to share their discomforts and try to find alternative strategies to deal with them.
We are delighted to undertake this new collaboration that consolidates Psy + Onlus' commitment to schools in the Roman area.

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