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Research "Zaboravljena deca Srbija"Of June 2021 returns a worrying image of residential institutions for people with disabilities or special needs in Serbia, a country in which the human rights of children and adults with disabilities are not observed, which manifests itself in poor care, inappropriate use of pharmacological approach, violation of reproductive rights, deprivation of the right to live in the family and segregation. Furthermore, people with disabilities are subject to stigma and psychosocial obstacles which negatively affect their social inclusion.

the project will be implemented with our Serbian partners

with whom we have collaborated in the past for the realization of a first project to support de-institutionalization:

"A special life for special needs".

OBJECTIVE: to contribute to the increase of the well-being and social inclusion of people with special needs and their families.

capacity building of local authorities

training dedicated to Naša Kuća parents on project management and mission development skills; training of socio-health personnel, round tables and supervision meetings for the exchange of good practices and the dissemination of the concepts of Orientation to Recovery, PDTA (Diagnostic Therapeutic Assistance Path), PTI (Individual Therapeutic Plan).

forms of prevention and protection

a workshop will be held for parents of people with disabilities to encourage forms of positive support in the family context. The beneficiaries of the Naša Kuća center will participate in a music therapy course.

thematic tables and final workshop

the involvement of socio-medical and academic staff from the two countries will allow the Italy - Serbia exchange of up-to-date clinical and social assistance tools and models.

For the success of the de-institutionalization process currently underway in Serbia, it is very important to work on the empowerment of day centers, care associations for people with disabilities to ensure and strengthen the presence of these alternative models. At the same time it is necessary to spread the exchange of innovative practices within the services themselves to support the social inclusion of people with special needs.

Are you interested in developing inclusive support models for people with disabilities and want to spend a volunteer period in Belgrade?

The SNEG Project is looking for two volunteers to offer support to the Naša Kuća Day Center. We ask for continuity, interest in the topic, ability to adapt, good knowledge of the English language, basic computer skills.

For each volunteer we will guarantee training, food, accommodation, return tickets, field support.

With your help, every day

we translate knowledge of psychology into effective projects

for the psychological well-being of each person

since 2011 we have been committed to the dissemination of psychological well-being as a right of every person

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