Psy + Onlus school and minors: psychological support, drop-out prevention, inclusion and fight against bullying

PsyOnlus minor projectsThe commitment of Psy + Onlus with minor allowed us to think, co-design and implement projects both in school environment and extra-curricular.
Central in various Compresive and Higher Institutes is the support and psychological listening activity, the aim of which is to support pupils, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff with qualified interventions, aimed at containing individual inconveniences and dysfunctional dynamics as well as promoting improving the effectiveness of teaching. In addition to support andorientation, the interventions of Psy + Onlus develop actions aimed at containing phenomena of abuse, bullying and school drop-out conceived and co-designed with the teaching staff and school manager on the basis of Context Analysis techniques. Networking with teachers and parents, classroom observations, collaboration with local services represent a valuable vademecum in our working practice.

To date, Psy + Onlus has coordinated the psychological listening counters in schools:  

  • IC "Via Giuseppe Messina" (Rome) - Childhood, Primary and Secondary of first degree in the years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018;
  • IC "Via Pirotta" (Rome) - upper secondary school - in the years 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 20162017;
  • IC "Antonio De Curtis in arte Totò" (Rome) - Secondary school - in the years 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017;
  • IIS "Via dell'immacolata 47" (Civitavecchia) - Secondary secondary school - in the school year 2017-2018 

We have also implemented specific projects on the prevention e counter bullying, cyberbullying, addictions, school dropout, gender violence, projects by intercultural, integration e social inclusion, parenting support e early screening of Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). Specifically, the projects carried out are the following:

  • During the 2017-2018 school year at the State Institute of Higher Education "Via dell'Immacolata, 47" in Civitavecchia, a project to prevent and combat bullying and cyberbullying "Don't bully me", With the precious contribution of" Women on the Move ", financed by the Lazio Region.
  • AS 2017-2018 at the Roman Comprehensive Institutes "Via Messina" and "A. De Curtis "project to prevent and combat bullying"Out of the core”, Aimed at first grade secondary school students and funded by the European Social Fund.
  • AS 2017-2018 at the All-inclusive Institute of Amatrice - within the Accumoli complex - the psycho-pedagogical consultancy service open to teachers, pupils and parents has been activated. 
    Furthermore, expressive artistic workshops of creative reuse, music, photography and self-narration have been created. Activities in collaboration with "Velino for Children", included in the project to support the populations affected by the earthquake in central Italy "Let's reconstruct people" carried out together with the Humanitarian Organization Intersos.
  • AS 2016-2017, at the Roman Comprehensive Institutes "Via Pirotta" and "A. De Curtis "project to combat early school leaving"Kairos”Aimed at first grade secondary school students, funded by the European Social Fund.
  • AS 2016-2017, at the Roman IC "Via G. Messina" Psy + organized meetings with third year students of first grade secondary school aimed at facilitating outgoing school orientation. 
  • AS 2016-2017, at the Roman IC "Antonio de Curtis" Psy + Intercultura project "ENEA: Educating to New Welcoming Expressions". The project promoted an awareness-raising process on the theme of migration and the reception of asylum seekers, through workshops, seminars, meetings aimed at teachers, parents and pupils of the last year of the first grade secondary school. 
  • AS 2016-2017, at the IC "Via Giuseppe Messina" Psy + Onlus held a cycle of parenting support meetings aimed at parents of the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School of First Degree, in order to deal with issues relating to developmental tasks supported by children in the three different age groups.
  • AS 2015-2016, at the IC "Via Giuseppe Messina", (Rome), Psy + Onlus carried out early screening of Specific Learning Disorders (DSA), starting from the last year of kindergarten in order to to prevent the appearance and consolidation of incorrect and ineffective strategies or mechanisms and to limit the damage deriving from frustration for failure such as loss of motivation to learn, closure in oneself, low self-esteem, relationship problems.
  • AS 2015-2016 Psy + Onlus carried out teacher training and supervision at the IC "Via Giuseppe Messina" on the topic of new teaching techniques (inclusive teaching and active participation - Flipped Classroom - teaching and context) and on the student-teacher relationship .
  • During the 2014/2015 school year Psy + Onlus developed and implemented the Project "INPATH"in the IC in via delle Carine, leader of the project financed by the Lazio Region, in partnership with the IC" Antonio de Curtis in arte Totò ". The objectives of the project were to contrast school dropout and support integration.  
I am currently at startup at the Roman Comprehensive Institutes "Via Messina", "A. De Curtis "and" Via Pirotta "the risk prevention project" Pro.Vi.Di. " in order to prevent addictions and counteract the gender violence through seminars, laboratory activities and helpdesks and psychological listening for students, funded by Lazio region.
Furthermore, still in the start-up phase, the psycho-pedagogical consultancy service at the IC of Tronto and Vallfuvione (AP) - Arquata del Tronto complex - and at the "Ugo Betti" IC of Camerino (MC) within the project to support populations affected by the "Pe.R.Co.rrere" earthquake activated in partnership with ActionAid.

In extra school environment, in 2012 Psy + Onlus is committed to training e supervision of DITALS teachers engaged with 150 minors within the project "Education to the Italian Language and Culture for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors".
Since 2017 - within the framework of the project "Reconstruct people" before and Pe.R.Co.rrere "after - he collaborates within the intervention program for the prevention of institutionalization (PIPPI) with the VI Mountain Community of the Velino, through the conduct of expressive artistic workshops. He also conducted in collaboration with Laboratory of hope starting from 13 June 2016 artistic-expressive workshops in the municipalities of Acquasanta Terme, Maltignano, Roccafluvione, Porto, Venarotta, Montegallo, Grottammare, and in 2017 opened a summer camp in Accumoli. All laboratory activities were managed by couples of operators composed of an educator and a psychologist. 

To find out more about our completed and ongoing projects with minors, information, articles and videos can be found on ours place, its YouTube and on our social channels.

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